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    Latest News 2021

  • 24 07

    PurityDS now have surface testing capabilities.

    This means that if you have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case within Chambers or your office, we can attend and deploy our SARS-CoV-2 surface testing kits for a rapid detection of coronavirus within 15 minutes. Alternatively, this can be used as a precautionary measure providing assurance and confidence to staff, visitors and contractors whilst attending the workplace, meetings or events during these early stages of the release of lockdown and return to work.

    This is ideal for both high traffic areas and touchpoints that require rapid COVID-19 testing without the time constraints or difficulty in accessing laboratory testing, and downtime in office attendance keeping your business continuity at its best.

    If a negative result is given, this can save on unnecessary fogging or spray disinfection costs and concern, and your normal cleaning regimes may continue.

    However, if a positive result is proven, then PurityDS will already onsite with the necessary fogging surface and air disinfectant and ultra low volume foggers to take immediate action upon instruction. Ensuring it is safe to reoccupy following 30 minutes after fogging is completed and further surface retesting has been undertaken confirming a negative presence of coronavirus on the surfaces that had previously tested positive.

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