Our Services

PurityDS serve London’s commercial and luxury properties, and strive to deliver professional pest control management, cleaning, internal window cleaning and disinfecting services to the highest quality. We have an experienced team, while our Company Director has many years of experience working with and for legal organisations. We are therefore acutely aware of the need for confidentiality and privacy, and will ensure that we maintain this when providing services. For the peace of mind of Firms, each specialist service visit is completed with certification, service reports, and a signed non-disclosure agreement can be arranged to ensure your Clients confidentiality is fully maintained. We will also issue full site-specific and environmental risk assessments, method statements, and COSHH assessments upon instruction.

A full range of general pest control services including commensal rodents, flying and crawling insects. We take a combined approach to solving pest problems by collecting all available evidence and information, in order to produce a control programme that delivers maximum efficiency, and minimal impact on the location and environment. We also look forward so as to assist in preventing any future re-infestations. PurityDS start with non-chemical control strategies, for example hygiene, proofing, housekeeping, habitat environmental management, stock rotation and management for food premises. Where needed, this may then lead to the use of chemical control and or traps. Throughout the process, we will inform our clients and give as much information as is available on the species, and the options for control and elimination.

Cleaning services to help keep your buildings and property safe, secure and regulatory compliant. Eco-friendly general and specialist cleaning is very attractive in today’s market. As more people begin to consider their impact on the environment, more are becoming interested in using non-harmful cleaning products and methods. Removing waste in the correct waste streams, keeping staff toilets clean and hygienic, cleaning lifts and stairs, hallways, office space and kitchens are the starting points to our services. We also offer further specialist carpet and computer cleans removing bacteria and dirt.

Hygiene and sterilization have become incredibly important in light the recent coronavirus pandemic. Our process of disinfection is carried out efficiently and professionally, using 06-30 micron fogging with double atomisation. This produces a mist which has the velocity and reach to disinfect all parts of the tenant occupied space, with a process that is in line with the most up to date Government Guidelines on fogging disinfection to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other viruses. The equipment we use will sterilise all areas of the office, including IT equipment, workstations, chairs, high touchpoint areas, meeting rooms, reception areas, ceiling supply and return air grilles, WC’s, kitchenettes and carpets. PurityDS also provide a routine disinfection service.

A window may look clean on the outside, but if it’s not cleaned and sanitised regularly, it will become a breeding ground for bacterial colonies. In most settings, cleaning windows is not a daily affair. It’s not even a weekly practice. Hence, microbes grow and reproduce without any intervention. When cleaning internal windows, our aim is to leave you with cleansed, hygienic and perfectly cleaned windows, frames and sills.

Old office windows in commercial buildings may contribute to airborne pollutants. Grime can introduce certain nitrogen compounds which can be released into the airspace. Windows are not the best insulation for a building, particularly in older buildings or if dirty windows are poorly maintained. This can cause condensation, and whenever we have damp, humid air and water, we get mold.

Cleaning removes the physical dirt, the dust, and other particles from the surfaces, usually the things that we can see. Different to cleaning is disinfection, this process eliminates many if not all the pathogens or infectious agents that can cause disease and be found on surfaces. We cannot see the pathogens or infectious agents, as they are not visible to the eye. The disinfection process and solution we use is specifically designed to destroy these microbes on all surfaces, including windows and mirrors.

PurityDS offer an internal window cleaning with disinfection service to help support you in maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

Environmental commitment

PurityDS remain aware, fully conscious and focused on the potential environmental damage brought about by toxic baits, treatments and disinfection processes, as well as the effect on non-target species. The need to care for and value our environment is integral to everything we do, and we are committed to providing non-toxic options, and sustainable working practices. PurityDS are therefore dedicated to purchasing effective products and equipment responsibly, while avoiding the use of unnecessarily chemicals where an alternative is available. To achieve this, we follow the risk hierarchy, legislation and Codes of Best Practice when selecting bait and spray treatments.

The need to care for and value our environment is essential, and we are fully committed to providing effective, sustainable pest control and disinfecting practices which produce safe results.