PurityDS are fully committed to conducting all aspects of our activities with due consideration to our environment. Whilst undertaking working activities to the highest standard, we will do so “meeting the needs of current generations, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It is the Company Director’s overall responsibility to achieve this.

In order to manage the environmental impacts of our products and services, PurityDS will examine the risks and opportunities alongside our compliance obligations to ensure that we are fulfilling both our legal and social responsibilities.

In addition to this, a full understanding of all life cycles will be applied to enable continual environmental improvement to each product and service relevant to the company and our understanding. This will further enable PurityDS to consider that we exist within a wider community of suppliers, neighbours, competitors, distribution channels and end users.

Our environmental management system will continue to evolve over time, particularly as more products and processes are developed and become available. At the same time, PurityDS will work towards and maintain a full awareness of energy efficiency, carbon reduction, recycling, chemical options and management, ensuring social justice and equity and integrating environmental, health, social, political, legal and economic issues and changes into our decision making.

Let’s start with what we have and make it better.

Let’s make it Pure.